Where is our MLA?

KL Report


Residents of Lal Bazar and adjoining areas are up in arms against the local MLA and authorities saying despite the worst drainage system, the government has failed to dewater the area.

“We didn’t see concerned MLA in the area even once after the elections though people are in crisis after the incessant rains.  A defunct drainage system in area of Lal Bazaar has forced us to come on roads and protest against the government’s inability to swiftly act on the matter,” Waqar Ahmad, a protester told KNS.

“So far the MLA has not bothered to visit to see the condition of the people of his constituency. Why government asks people to vote and empower themselves when your MLA is nowhere in the scene when he is needed. We are the tax payers and such apathy is unacceptable,” echoed another resident.


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