Who killed Sajad, PDP has to answer people of Dooru: Congress chief

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The Jammu & Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee Chief (JKPCCC) G.A. Mir Friday was disallowed to visit his home constituency Dooru, as his movement was restricted by the government on Jammu Srinagar Highway today. This was stated by congress party in a statement.

Gh Ahmad Mir
Ghulam Ahmad Mir

Mir according to spokesman had to return summer capital as he was “scheduled to meet people, who were waiting for him since yesterday evening.”

The party has condemned the move of restricting the movement of state Congress chief with the fear of being getting exposed before the people for its dubious role being played in order to hide its failures and anti-people policies.

Lashing out at state government, Mir stated that government must come clean on the ‘murder’ of the Sajad Ahmad Malik, who was allegedly killed in Aagnoo village of Dooru.

Reacting to Police version, Mir said Police version with regard to this killing is not “satisfactory, as there were different versions coming from the Police since yesterday evening.”

Giving the versions of Police statement, Mir said, “according to police statement the slain was killed after decamping with a rife along with one magazine from police station Dooru, another version was that he was summoned for questioning. if this was a true version then how he was dropped by a police man himself at Aagnoo village, where he was shot dead, this is something’s which needs to be probed and truth behind must be revealed to people.”

Refuting the police claim about this gruesome murder, Mir said that the slain was detained on the charges of instigating trouble in the area during the period of upsurge and yesterday the police claimed that he had been called for questioning, “ the fact remains that the slain was being forced to work for ruling PDP and which was not accepted by him, with the result, he was severely tortured mentally and physically. The PDP cannot escape the responsibility of this killing, it has to answer people of Dooru.”

He expressed surprise over the way “PDP BJP coalition is targeting people selectively. He warned that it is fraught with dangerous consequences.”

PCC Chief further said that after being detained on the charges of stone pelting, the slain despite getting bail from the court was not released on the pretext of getting recommendation from the MLA concerned, which was declined by him several times.

“Where is the question of his being summoned for questioning?  He said it was an orchestrated murder, which should be probed by a sitting high court judge as that will only unearth the mystery behind this killing.”



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