Whom Geelani wants to get killed, asks Mirwaiz



Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Saturday while condemning the allegations of Hurriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani termed them as fabricated and baseless.

Addressing a crowded press conference at his Nigeen residence, Mirwaiz was all fire against the statement of the octogenarian leader in which he had said that “Modi’s emissaries were in league with separatist leadership.”

“Who the hell is Geelani to accuse people of sell out who have inherited legacy of Kashmir movement by nourishing it with their blood.”

“He wants to create vicious environment and create confusion among the masses,” he added.

Mirwaiz further said that, “it is a deliberate attempt to mislead freedom loving people of Kashmir.

Reacting to the reference of Geelani that separatists have met Modi’s emissaries, Mirwaiz vehemently rejected it and said, “We have not met any emissary either from Narendra Modi or someone else.”

Mirwaiz who was flanked by all executive council members during the press briefing said that Geelani who has remained in J&K Legislative Assembly and has took oath under Indian Constitution should look ‘inwards’ before mudslinging on others.

“It is not his first statement where he has tried to prove himself right and others wrong but he has been doing this since long,” Mirwaiz said, adding, “Such actions of Geelani have been very detrimental to people and movement alike and now whom does Geelani wants to see dead?”

Mirwaiz said that his family has a long history of sacrifice for the movement of Kashmir. “My father was killed, and relatives of my amalgam leaders too were targeted and killed. Now, who is Geelani’s next target?”

Mirwaiz lashed at what he said “holier than thou” behavior of Geelani. “Geelani thinks that he is the god father of movement but freedom movement is no one’s personal property,” he said.

“Geelani always tried to prove himself right and others wrong,” Mirwaiz said, adding, “Who is compromising on what?” he asked. “We have been doing all in open whether we talked with India or Pakistan,” he said and added that the policy of Hurriyat (M) has been clear viz-a-viz Kashmir.

“Either UN resolutions have to be implemented or tripartite talks are the resolution where India, Pakistan and leadership of Kashmir have to take part.”

“What deal and league? How can any under carpet deal resolve Kashmir issue? The deal has to be made public,” he said.

Mirwaiz said that his amalgam did not meet any emissary of Modi or any other. “No one is any league with any agency or emissary,” he said and alleged that Geelani wants to create ‘vicious atmosphere’ in the region.

“Geelani with such statements has always tried to divide nation and people,” he said. Mirwaiz continued that the Hurriyat leadership has to show farsightedness.

“Even if Geelani would not have told that emissaries of Modi met him, no one from Hurriyat (M) amalgam would have beat the drum of compromise and so on,” he said.

“We have given our blood to the sacred cause and who is he to give such statements,” he said asking Geelani to change such behavior.

“We should create an atmosphere of trust,” he said and cleared his stand that nobody is in any league,” he said. “Don’t compel us to come on streets, we respect everyone but Geelani group has always tried to prove others wrong but unfortunately he is not right.”

Mirwaiz said, “When the Tosa Maidan issue was being highlighted Geelani’s group came up with a statement saying that Tosa Maidan issue was not important but right now it is election issue.” He added, “Why, Tosa Maidan is not an important issue. This highlights the mindset of the Indian establishment, the imperialistic approach that they want to continue with their military occupation of Kashmir and we did not react that statement of Geelani.” “Even before that Geelani has been leveling allegations against our leaders.”

“Geelani is making irresponsible statements. If he wants to carry with this behavior, then we have many things that we can put before public,” he said. “Geelani tries to push us to wall.”

“How shall we help Modi as we are not in election fray but yes answering a question of a journalist I had said that yes NDA had took some initiatives on Kashmir but that doesn’t mean that we support Modi or BJP,” he said.

“Geelani feels that he has a copy right on dedication and sincerity but he has not,” he said.

He also said that Hurriyat (M) is in a process finding solution of Kashmir dispute. “There will be occasions in future where we will have to meet leadership of Pakistan and leadership of India. So why is these mindset that if we meet an opposite and it is construed as sell out,” he asked.

“We feel that such statements vitiate atmosphere and even facilitate those elements who are seeking to eliminate people physically and target them,” he said.

He also mentioned some columnists whom he did not name and said, “We know the coterie of columnists who have been trying to prove Geelani right and others wrong,” he said and added, “We also know the idea behind such thing.”

Earlier in the day, an emergency meeting of executive council of Hurriyat (M) was held which had discussed the Friday Press conference of Syed Ali Geelani.


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