Why Feudal Lords Are Jittery Over Delimitation Proposals, Asks BJP

SRINAGAR:  Tracing the genesis of separatist tendencies across the country and terror campaign in Jammu and Kashmir to poison injected during the Khilafat Movement in early years of the last century, Pradesh BJP has cautioned against “anti-national acts being perpetrated by elements inimical to unity, integrity and sovereignty of India”.

Devender Singh Rana at Barn in Tehsil Bhalwal of Jammu district

“If analyzed, the on-going tirade on Hijab is also the manifestation of the seeds of hatred sown decades ago”, J&K BJP General Secretary (Organization) Ashok Koul said on Sunday while welcoming a Surinder Singh Gilli and his supporters into the party fold at Bantalab. A party spokesman issued a detailed statement of the function highlighting the speeches.

Koul also attributed the prevailing political ills across the country to the Congress, the creation of a British national by Hume in 1889 and said this followed certain movements including the Khilafat Movement. He said the creation of the Congress was not a good omen for the country.

Referring to the role of the National Conference, the avatar of the Muslim Conference, he slammed the party for observing July 13 as the so-called Martyrs Day, which ironically relates to the atrocities committed on minorities in 1931.

Koul said the BJP is well poised to restore national pride and make India a world leader. He said the party got a big fillip in 1989 when the cadre of various political parties joined the BJP which was a logical beginning of the new era of politics in the country. He said this had to happen as streams have to ultimately merge in the big ocean—the BJP.

The General Secretary also recalled the abrogation of Article 370 under the premiership of visionary Narendra Modi and said soon after the BJP declared the Accession Day as a holiday as on this historic day Maharaja Hari Singh had signed the instrument of accession.

Speaking on the occasion Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana exuded the confidence that under the bold leadership of the Prime Minister, all the regions and sub-regions of Jammu and Kashmir will grow as vibrant units with opportunities of progress to all, without any discrimination or any favour of appeasement.

Describing the Delimitation Commission as an independent, autonomous and non-partisan constitutional body, Rana said the draft report of the Commission is aimed at providing equitable political empowerment to each individual in J&K which is the essence of democracy and this definitely is threatening the hegemony of a particular section of the UT who consider J&K as their feudal fiefdom and so they are jittery, nervous and frustrated. He said the Commission works under a constitutional scheme and once in the public domain, the people of J&K UT will be able to register their observations / objections but some among those crying hoarse today have already through their associate members in closed doors endorsed the report before the Commission. So why this drama, he asked.

Rana said the Jammu region will be empowered politically, economically and socially and see a new era. He said the voice of the region, is being now heard and wrongs and discrimination it has been subjected to will be undone.

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