Why Police Commemoration Day on October 21? Even this has Kashmir origin

SRINAGAR: It is police commemoration day today. Every year on October 21, police forces across India remember its members who were killed or died while performing their duties.

But why is it October 21?

Not many people now that it actually originated from J&K.

Senior police officers paying tributes to slain ASI Ab Rashid

On October 20, 1959, three reconnaissance police parties were launched from Hot Springs in North Eastern Ladakh in preparation for further movement of an Indian expedition which was on its way to Lanak La. While members of two parties returned to Hot Springs by the afternoon, that day, the third one comprising two Police Constables and a Porter did not return. All available personnel were mobilized early next morning in search of the missing personnel. A party of about 20 police personnel led by Karam Singh, DCIO proceeded ahead on horseback, while other followed on foot in three Sections.

At about mid day, Chinese Army personnel were seen on a hillock opened fire and threw grenades at the party led by Karam Singh. Since there was no cover, most personnel were injured. Ten police men were killed and seven others sustained injuries. The seven injured were taken prisoners by the Chinese while the remaining managed to escape. Bodies of the ten personnel were returned by the Chinese only on November 13, 1959, three weeks after the incident.

J&K police have lost as many as 1622 personnel in last 28 years of militancy.

A year later, the Annual Conference of Inspectors General of Police of States and Union Territories was held in January 1960. It was in this meeting that e a decision was taken that October 21, would be observed as ‘Commemoration Day’ in all Police Lines throughout India to mark the memory of these gallant personnel who were killed in Ladakh and all other Police personnel killed on duty during the year. It was also decided to erect a memorial at Hot Springs and, every year, members of Police Forces from different parts of the country trek to Hot Springs to pay homage.

A statement issued by the PIB suggested that post-1947; as many as 34,418 Police personnel were killed. It includes 383 personnel who were killed in last one year, from September 2016 to August 2017.

Off late, this day has an added significance in J&K that is witnessing killings on almost daily basis. Media reports suggested that J&K police have lost as many as 1622 personnel in last 28 years of militancy. These include an SP rank officer, 20 DySPs, 24 Inspectors, 34 SIs, 63 ASIs, 142 head constables, 166 senior-grade constables, 520 constables, 490 SPOs and 20 followers. Besides, 131 VDC members were also killed since 1995.


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