‘Why was Lal Singh allowed to carry processions after being sacked’, asks Rasheed



Hundreds including students, men and women on Wednesday joined a protest march at Humhama Srinagar, seeking stern punishment for the culprits of Kuthua rape and murder case. Protesters holding placards in their hands and raising strong slogans against the incident were questioning governments silence over Kunan Poshppora and Shopian cases.

The spokesman said a protest rally headed by an independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed headed towards Srinagar International Airport and staged a strong protest against the double standards of the Indian state.

The spokesman quoted Rasheed saying “New Delhi has many questions to answer. While it took rulers and politicians three months to wake up from slumbers but none spoke when the incident took place in January. Not only Kashmiris but the international community has a right to know that why was not the ill-fated 8 year, old Asifa not allowed even to be buried in her native place and what was the reason that even the water supply of the whole Muslim population including victims family was cut off.”

He said that by all angles it was obvious that Karbala was being repeated in Rasana. The government has not taken any action so far against the government officials including PHE officials and local police for their miserable failures. He said that government has failed to protect rights of minorities in Jammu and whatsoever little is being said and done in Asifa’s case is being portrayed as a favour to the Muslim community.

The spokesman added that had government being truly neutral it would never have allowed Lal Singh, the former Minister, to carry out public gatherings in Kuthua and Jammu districts yesterday. His speeches were even more hateful and communal than before and he levelled baseless charges against not only the Jammu Muslims but entire Muslim community of Kashmir.

Rasheed appealed world community to ask India if it tries to hide its failures despite talking too late over Asifa’s issue, what is the justification for denying punishment for those army men who were involved in mass gang rape in Kunan Poshpora in 1991 why is denying justice to Aasia and Neelofar being related to so-called national interest.

He also appealed the civil society of India to ask questions to their army, bureaucracy and politicians that how could they justify the rape cases of Kunan Polshpora and Shopian, despite the fact they are among the heinous crimes committed by the army and other men in uniform.

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