Widen ‘Khudwani-Kawaki Bazar’ bridge


Srinagar: Residents of Khudwani Qaimoh and adjacent areas demand “Khudwani Kawaki Bazar Bridge” to be widened.

Khudwani Qaimoh Connects the two districts of South Kashmir’s Islamabad And Kulgam.

The passengers of Kulgam face trouble because of the traffic Jam which has become a routine matter here in Khudwani Qaimoh.

Only two small vehicles can pass at a time on the bridge. If a heavy vehicle like a truck or a bus is passing then it creates congestion.

There is no safe place for pedestrians though a pavement on both sides is there. “The pavement is made for pedestrians but because of congestion, motorist often drive over it.

During peak hours in the morning and evening, it a mess all around. People of this area appeal Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to  intervene in this long pending issue.

(Through Sheikh Jahangir from Khudwani Kulgam #WeAreListening)

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