Widespread Ration Crisis, Governance Deficit Growing, says Omar



NC in Narbal

National Conference Working President and MLA Beerwah, Omar Abdullah Tuesday while addressing his party workers’ meeting at Gagerpora, Narbal in his constituency said that the PDP-BJP Mufti Government had completely failed in its responsibility towards compensating and rehabilitating flood victims even as nine months had passed since the September deluge.

The NC Working President said there was an acute and widespread ration crisis in the State and the governance deficit was growing by each passing day as the Administration stood completely paralyzed due to political inefficiency and ineptness, a party statement said this evening.

“There is no sign of a Relief and Rehabilitation Package for the flood victims from the Center. The State Government, through its Finance Minister opposed the Rs 44,000 Crore Flood Relief Package on the floor of the Assembly. The Deputy Chief Minister has now said that a mere Rs 3,600 Crore was ‘sufficient’ for the cause of rebuilding the lives of flood victims and reconstructing thousands of damaged homes as well as public infrastructure that was devastated. As a fixed-match, a Cabinet Minister in the PDP-BJP Government has opposed the Deputy Chief Minister’s statement and expressed shock. These theatrics cannot absolve the PDP-BJP Government of its unforgivable failure of ensuring the rehabilitation of thousands of flood victims. Both PDP and BJP, including its legislators and Cabinet Ministers are part of a Government that has abandoned the flood victims and gone to the extent of rubbing salt into their wounds by dispensing 47 rupees cheques,” he said.

He lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government for perpetuating an acute ration crisis in the State. “There is an acute and widespread ration crisis in the State. The Mufti-led PDP-BJP Government has washed its hands off its basic responsibilities. There is a growing governance deficit in the State as the Chief Minister seems to be more interested in Bollywood luncheons, whirlwind tours and contradictions. This U-turn Government has reneged every single promise that was made by allied PDP and BJP before the elections. We were told that this Government would fill the State treasuries and kick-start the economy within 45 days. Almost three and a half months have passed and the treasuries are running dry while the Finance Minister has suddenly disappeared leaving the people without any concrete answers,” the NC Working President said.

“The Government is busy in U-turns. The Administration is running around in circles as there is a lack of clear vision and direction from the Chief Minister and his Cabinet Colleagues. The tourism season has suffered because of this Government’s ineptness and negligence and that has in turn adversely hit the State’s economy. As far as the youth are concerned, the first thing that Mufti Sahab did after he came to power was to announce a draconian and cruel New Recruitment Policy that puts the future of our educated unemployed youth in harm’s way. All previous successful initiatives taken by the previous Government for job creation have been shelved. The New Administrative Units are not being supported financially so that they function and help in the resolution of public grievances. There is complete anarchy and chaos within the Government while the people have been left to fend for themselves,” he further said.

Omar Abdullah asked the party workers to strengthen the party at the grassroots level and ensure growing participation of the youth in party activities. “National Conference is committed to the empowerment of our youth and we want to encourage more and more of our youth to join politics to serve their people and to uphold the honour and dignity of their State,” the NC Working President added.

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