Widow Sells her Ear-Rings to Buy Books for Topper Son



Far from the brouhaha created by coaching centers and private schools in the Valley for ‘achieving feat’ after declaration of Board of School Education results, an orphan boy raised by her mother, and studying in a government school achieved 12th position in the recently declared Class 10 results.

Kamran Imtiyaz Ganaie, 15-year-old boy from Chersoo in Awantipora in Pulwama district, studied in Government High School in the village, said that he achieved the position because of his mother’s sacrifice and support.

“My mother is bearing all the hardships of life to bring me up and see me succeeding in life,” Kamran told KNS.

“She spends every penny she has for my education,” says the elated boy, who scored 481 marks out of 500.

Karman became an orphan when his father, Imtiyaz Ahmad Ganaie died on 11 April 2004 in a road accident on Srinagar-Jammu Highway near Chersoo, when this brilliant boy was a 3-year-old.

From that day, his mother, Farooqa Rasheed’s arduous journey of life began.

The widow was “thrown out” by her in-laws in Kaigam village along with the toddler. Faced with a challenging life, she went back to her parent’s home in Chersoo.

“I endured all the hardships of life to see my son grow up and become a doctor that his late father wished when my lovely Kamran was born,” Farooqa said.

Her hardships are overcome by the hope and the excitement of her son’s success and playing the role of a mother in raising the boy.

Her parents helped their widowed daughter to raise a one-storey house in the village where the mother and son are struggling with life.

Being 32-years-old when the tragedy struck her in 2004, Farooqa says that despite insistence to remarry by her relatives she refused. “I wanted to bring up my son and see him achieve excellence in life,” she says.

Kamran says that he will fulfil her mother’s wish. “My mother wants me a doctor in AIIMS. I am hopeful that I will fulfil her wish. My mother tells me that my late father also wanted me to become a doctor,” he says.

Besides helping her mother in household chores, her mother says that she always tells her son not to be in the company of “bad boys”.

For buying new books for his 11th class and tuition, Farooqa, a heart patient, sold her golden ear rings.

“Having no income and knowing I have to raise my son to see him become a doctor, I saved my bridal golden gifts for my son,” she says. “Recently, I sold my golden ear rings to buy books for my son.”

Kamran had also topped the tests held by Sainik School Manasbal two years ago, and got selected there for 9th standard. After spending few days in the school, his mother’s affection brought him back.

“I could not live there alone without my mother; I love her very much. So, I came back and studied in the government school here,” he says.

While the education department has rewarded exam toppers, Kamran has not been rewarded yet.

“I have been invited by the district administration to see January 26 event in Pulwama town. But I don’t know whether I will be rewarded for my achievement by any scholarship or cash prize,” he says.


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