SRINAGAR: National Conference Additional  General Secretary Dr. Sheikh Mustafa Kamal on Wednesday said that the party will continue with its just, democratic, and peaceful struggle for the restoration of people’s abridged rights.

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Addressing party workers in the party’s provincial headquarters Sher-e-Kashmir Bhawan, Jammu, Kamal said that the party is unsparingly striving to protect the vital interests of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

“The attacks on our constitutional rights have not seen any cessation. On the contrary our rights continue to be encroached upon steadily. Supporting NC morally and electorally is more needed at this time than it was ever before,” he said.

NC is not just a political party, it’s emblematic of the struggle against suppression, he said adding, “It’s a platform where people have expressed, debated, contested and consented ideas to take JK from an oppressive rule to real freedom. We gave voice to every single person in JK irrespective of their religious, linguistic and regional affiliations. We have accommodated views from different perspectives and given space to the weakest of voices. Our collective challenge is to shape our future by protecting our unique identity, culture and constitutional position.”

He further added that those who are working against the interests of people of J&K are coming up with new fabricated stories everyday are getting frustrated with the support JKNC is getting from across J&K. He asked people to remain alert and defeat the evil designs of those forces who thrive on chaos and confusion.


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