Will give full support to movement for safeguarding Article 35(A), 370: Jama’at


The government in Delhi in order to promote the “communal tension” in India so as to reap its fruits in the coming elections in India in 2019, has on the one side, raised the issue of the foreign citizens in Assam and published the final draft of National Register of Citizens delisting more than forty lac Muslims from it and on the other hand, in order to change the demography and special status of Jammu and Kashmir, challenged Article 35(A) of Indian Constitution in the supreme court which safeguards the special status till final settlement of the long pending Kashmir issue.

The spokesman in a statement said that both these issues have been raised with an eye on the coming elections so that the Indian electorate is gathered in support of BJP on communal lines.

This is the common vital cause of the entire permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir and all of them should mutually co-operate.

Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir while giving full support to the movement for safeguarding the special status as granted under Article 35(A) and Article 370 to Jammu and Kashmir, denounces those elements who for their ulterior political goals, are fiddling with it.

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