Nomadic families protest against Army in Leh’s Domchok


The nomadic families in Ladakh’s Domchok area- a region that lies along the Sino-India border, are protesting against the army’s 20 JAK rifles on Thursday.

An eyewitness informed Kashmir Life over the phone, “The Army is not allowing us to move to upper reaches of the area. This is the season we have to move to upper reaches along with our livestock for grazing.”

Pertinently the troops of both Indian and Chinese have been engaged in a stand-off in Demchok area from a very long time. Earlier, the dispute was raised after Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops reportedly stopped the construction of an irrigational canal-under the MNREGA scheme to link a village with the ‘Hot Spring’ in Demchok.

The Demchok area has been an issue between the two sides as both sides claim ownership over the territory. The area is very close to Line of Actual Control (LAC), making it strategically important to have control over.


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