Will push for increase inter-regional road connectivity: NC


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Monday said the party once in power will push for increased road connectivity within the state, saying a statewide all-weather road network is critical to the progress of people living in the remote and frontier areas of the state.

NC Leaders during worker’s convention at Karnah

Addressing a one day worker’s convention at Karnah party general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar said much of the precious time of the state was lost to undue politicking and political shenanigans after the PDP-BJP coalition took the reins of the state in its hands. “The people across the state had pinned high hopes on the coalition government, however, the former PDP-BJP didn’t rise up to the expectations of the people. People living in the remotes and hilly areas of the state bore the brunt of the administrative failure and the policy lapse of the previous BJP-PDP government. We didn’t see the former coalition government do anything towards bridging the development gap between the cities and towns. What good was achieved by the former Omar Abdullah led government was put in the chasm by the PDP-BJP coalition who failed to further the cause of development in the state.  The people only remember how PDP surrounded before BJP for power.  The remote areas of Uri, Tanghdar, and Karnah had completely fallen off from the development radar of the former BJP-PDP coalition. The incumbent governor administration is no better in terms of meeting the development expectations of the people living in Gurez, Tangdar, Karnah and Uri.”

Sagar while underscoring the exigency of having all-weather road connectivity for Karnah and Tanghdar regions said, “On one hand when the road connectivity to Ladakh is being upgraded and developed on a war footing, people living in Karnah continue to yearn for basic amenities due to sporadic road obstructions.  The thought of winter season send shivers down the spine of people living in Karnah, Gurez and other remote areas of the state. The Chowkibal Teetwal highway hasn’t been worked upon, it is still dotted with potholes. Locals continue to face hardships in the wake of the vagaries of weather. No sooner it rains or snows the sole road link to Karnah becomes out of bounds for the people. The former BJP-PDP government and the present administration have been brazenly apathetic to the woes of people living in the Karnah Valley.  Our party is aware of the local demand of having a tunnel at Sadna Top,” he said adding “Once the party comes to power the new government under the leadership of Omar Abdullah Sahib will follow the project religiously with the authorities in the government of India. We believe that the tunnel will make the region accessible. It will unarguably ease the travel, “adding, “The members of the parliament Hasnain Masoodi and Akbar Lone will also take up the issue of Sadna Tunnel at every forum both  inside and outside the parliament.”

Party’s provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani While addressing the workers said that development of the remote areas in the state crowns the party agenda. “The Karnah region is beautiful. The potential, however, is largely untapped. The construction of the Tunnel will certainly provide impetus to the tourist activities in the area.  Once the NC comes to power we will try to get more and more stunning locations from Karnah on the tourist map of the state and the country. We will invest heavily in the tourism, health, and road infrastructure of the Karnah Valley.  The wellbeing of the 70000 plus people of Karnah is as important to us as people living in other parts of the state. We will bring good governance to the doorsteps of the people, and the idea of good governance is rather impossible if the fruit of development does not reach the last person living in Karnah or any other remote area of the state,” he said.

Nasir said that there is a wave in favor for NC across the state and that if the people of Karnah desire to achieve anticipated development goals then they have to repose their faith in the party. “In the near future the party flag will fly high in every segment of the state, I am sure that the people of Karnah won’t let the precious opportunity go untapped.  The opportunity is tapping your door. The state is headed towards a full majority government of NC, the people of Karnah ought to be a part of it. I am sure that in the forthcoming elections you won’t heed the lectures of that politician who spoiled much of your precious time that could have been used to improve the standard of your life. The overwhelming response of the people of Karnah for us is insightful of your admiration of the Naya Kashmir agenda of National Conference,” he said.

Among others party senior leader  Choudhary Muhammad Ramzan, Mir Saifullah, Qaisar Jamsheed lone, Dr Sajad Uri, Salam Ud din Bajad, Rafiq shah also addressed the workers and impressed upon them to  increase their engagement with the people.


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