Will sit in opposition if we don’t have numbers: NC

KL Report


Ruling National Conference (NC) Thursday said that it would sit in the opposition if it doesn’t get numbers to form the next government in Jammu and Kashmir after the state elections 2014.

“As a political party we can only say that if we don’t get the adequate numbers after the elections for the next government formation, we would like to sit in the opposition in the legislative assembly,” NC additional general secretary Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal told KNS.

He said the party has decided not to forge any alliance with the Congress and BJP. “For us, PDP is no choice. Congress is already gone and how could we rub shoulders with the party like BJP that is fanning the communal fires during conversions across India,” Kamal said.

He added that the party has contested the polls all alone in the state and hopes to get good numbers as the party has found remarkable acceptance across the state. “We have contested the polls and are looking for a very good numbers,” he said.

The NC’s firebrand leader added that his party would sit in the opposition if it doesn’t get ‘adequate’ numbers for the government formation. “We treat opposition equal to the ruling party. We believe that there are two wheels in the cart that runs that state and one wheel is opposition,” Kamal said, adding that NC would not barter its interests against the ‘petty political gains’.


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