Will support NC’s demand for return of mortal remains: Beigh

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Holding the ruling National Conference-Congress coalition responsible for sabotaging the resolution in state assembly seeking commutation of capital punishment to Muhammad Afzal Guru, Senior PDP leader, Muzafar Hussain Beigh said his party would support any resolution for return of Afazl’s body to his family. He said the PDP would support the resolution or adjournment motion to discuss the issue ‘even if it was brought in the house by the National Conference.

In response to a question whether the resolution demanding return of mortal remains of Guru is legally tenable in view of the hanging and alleged crime having taken place in Delhi, he said: “The question is not where he was executed but the question is ‘whether he should have been executed’”.

“NC and Congress through a conspiracy sabotaged the resolution seeking the clemency for Parliament convict Afzal Guru. Both had hatched the conspiracy and the Congress made hue and cry asking for dismissal of the seven BJP de facto MLA’s from the house. Speaker adjourned the house again and again. We were waiting for the resolution to support it.

But NC and Congress were aware that PDP will support the resolution and got it sabotaged”, Beigh said while talking to KNS.

Defending his party legislators for remaining quiet in the house when the resolution was presented, he said if they had raised their voices, the speaker would have adjourned the house. “To adjourn the house or to raise the issue of dismissing the de facto BJP’s MLAs were the two options before ruling parties to scuttle the resolution. To prevent PDP from supporting the resolution they managed to sabotage it”.

He said the house was under obligation to admit the adjournment motion moved by the PDP for discussing the return of Afzal Guru’s body and the situation resulting out of the hanging.

“Primary objective of an adjournment motion is to draw the attention of the House to a recent matter of urgent public importance, having serious consequences and in regard to which a motion or a resolution with proper notice will be too late. The matter proposed to be raised should be of such a character that something very grave which affects the people at large and the House is required to pay its attention immediately by interrupting the normal business of the House.

Though, CM has written a letter to Prime Minister as also by Mufti Muhammad Syeed, so the adjournment motion has to be entertained”, he replied.

The former Deputy Chief Minister said that though the resolution is not binding but the house could make an effort under good will and sincerity for return of the body to the family. “Resolution is a desire to express the views and opinions”, he added.

He said the PDP wants that the house should discuss all the issues including post execution situation in the State. “Our demand is that the State Accountability Commission should be made competent to take suo motto actions”, said Beigh.

In response to the National Conference statement calling the letter of Mufti Syeed to Prime Minister as ‘political gimmick, he said, “Mufti Sahab was not aware about the letter CM had written to PM. The letter was made public to mobilize the opinion of civil society and to pressurize the central government to accept the demand. There was no intention to score points”.

Lashing out at the state government over the proposed Police Bill 2013, the senior PDP leader and eminent lawyer said the bill should be rechristened as ‘Police Oppression Bill”.


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