With Coronavirus R-Value At 1.25, Kashmir Is In Pandemic Phase

SRINAGAR: The Covid R Value that depicts the “efficiency” of the virus in reproducing and impacting others in Jammu and Kashmir has reached 1.25, one of the third highest in India.

Right now, Mizoram has an R-value of 1.36 followed by Kerala with 1.33 as Jammu and Kashmir stands at 1.25. In India, the R-value had fallen below and now it has bounced up with five states having it above one.

“Up to that date (August 30), the situation looked pretty bad. India’s R-value had shot up close to 1.2. Not only is it greater than one, it is much higher than the last time there was a scare of a third wave (it was 1.03 at that time),” media reports quoted Sitabhra Sinha, the lead researcher at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.

“This is driven by several states having their R-value go over 1 in the last few days of August—most notably Kerala and Maharashtra, but also Mizoram and Jammu and Kashmir.”

Jammu and Kashmir has lost 4410 people to the epidemic so far. It has 1327 active cases, right now. In the last four days of September, Jammu and Kashmir had added 411 fresh cases. These include 322 in Kashmir and 89 in Jammu. Kashmir has lost 2244 people to Covid-19, so far.


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