With Every Killing, New Delhi Reminds Kashmiri Leaders Of Their Worth: AIP

KL Report


Awami Itihaad Party (AIP) has appealed political parties of different opinions, claiming to represent aspirations and sentiments of Kashmiri people to unite against the “brutalities and atrocities of uncontrolled security forces who seem to be having given license to kill Kashmiris without seeking any permission.”

The party working community Monday met in Srinagar and had a discussion over the Shopian killings and silence by the state government and New Delhi over the issue.

While speaking on the occasion, AIP president Eng. Rashid said that the series of killings taking place at the hands of security forces have given a clear and louder message to the common Kashmiris and all the political parties of state that their crying for justice or seeking upholding of human rights in the state does not make any difference to New Delhi.

“It is high time for political parties to have their self introspection and these political parties cutting across ideologies should realize that even If there is an iota of thing common between them, New Delhi does not like it. Time has proved that those Kashmiri leaders who make hue and cry over killings and state terrorism are not by any way able to impress New Delhi which treats Kashmir as it is colony but unfortunately does not treat Kashmiris even worth slaves,” he said and further added that “By killing innocent Kashmiris in cold blooded murders New Delhi wants to prove itself as a victim of terrorism and thus tries to give cover to its shameful killing and other atrocities.”

“Every Kashmiri from Omer Abdullah to Mufti Sahab and from Moderates to hard liners must read writing on the wall and should not over estimate their worth before the arrogance and biased attitude of New Delhi. Just by be fooling their own people, no Kashmiri leader can take them any where and their hallow and tall claims to do and die for Kashmiris does not  give even a small threat or wake up call to  New Delhi which seems to have one point agenda to curb the voices and rights of Kashmiri people said Rashid.

The party expressed it is solidarity with the families of those who where martyred in Shopian and it was also unanimously decided that party will cooperate with all such forces who really want to force and persuade New Delhi to respect the right to live for Kashmiris and resolve JK dispute which is the root cause of all the death and destruction. Party also condemned the continuous imposition of curfew in Shopian and atrocities committed by security forces over the innocent citizens in Shopian and Kulgam and else where in the state.


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