With Rising Cyber Crimes, Ethical Hacking Emerging As New Career Option

by Ifra Reshi

SRINAGAR: With hacking becoming a menace in the online world along with aggravating the cybercrime rate, ethical hacking is coming up as a new course for students interested in helping maintain cyber hygiene.

Ethical hacking courses provide career-building opportunities which while being completely legal also provide good placements in the backdrop of an ever-expanding digital network worldwide.

Ethical hacking is a process of intentionally penetrating a computer system or network to discover possible breaches in it. Ethical Hacking is done to eliminate all the vulnerabilities in the systems so that real hackers are not able to penetrate and siphon of important data.

An ethical hacker tests the system and network security of the company and reports about security vulnerabilities. With the exponential growth, the need for ethical hackers has also increased. Ethical hackers are required by medium-scale businesses as well as by large-scale organisations.

Ethical hacking courses are offered by various institutions in India online as well as in offline mode at various levels.

The courses one can pursue are a Diploma in Ethical Hacking and IT security; Diploma in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security; Bachelor of Technology in Cyber Security; Bachelor of Science in Networking; Master of Technology CSE (Information Security); Master of Technology  CSE (Cyber Security and Threat Intelligence).

The duration of the course at the initial level is three months while at the advanced level, the degree course is of two years.

The cost of pursuing Ethical Hacking in India varies between Rs 2,500 – 5,00,000 a year.

According to the International Council of E-commerce Consultants, the eligibility criteria for a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is 10+2.

The certificate in ethical hacking is issued by the International Council of E-commerce Consultants. A candidate needs to undertake the CEH course and a subsequent examination to get an Ethical hacking certificate. The exam is conducted by the EC Council.

The certificate is recognised at the international level by all Multi-National Companies.

After completing a course in computer science or information technology, a candidate can pursue the ethical hacking certification course. Ethical hacking courses provide a good package.

The top institutions providing Ethical Hacking courses are the Indian Institute of Ethical Hacking, the Extreme Hacking Institute in Pune, Maharashtra, Indian Cyber Security Solution in Kolkata, West Bengal and the Indian School of Ethical Hacking.


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