WLD Hires Skilled Hunters To Eliminate Ferocious Animals

KL Report


Forest Minister Mian Altaf Wednesday said that Wild Life Department has hired skilled hunters to hunt down the ferocious wild animals. “No one can control wild animals and I appeal people to protect themselves from these ferocious animals,” Mian Altaf told Kashmir based news gathering agency CNS adding that every time Wild Life Department (WLD) can’t be present at the time of incident.

He said that people should not every time rely on the Government. “People are expecting that WLD should always be present on spot and eliminate ferocious animal which is not possible. Whenever we get information in the nick of time, we act and eliminate such man-eaters,” he said.

Mian Altaf said people should understand wild animals could not be controlled and there is a need to take protective measures to save themselves from these wild animals. “We have hired skilled hunters and all those man-eaters would be eliminated who would emerge in residential areas and attack people,” he said.


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