Woman dies after delivery, family alleges ‘medical negligence’

by Waseem Majnoon Mir


The family of 31-year old woman namely Nigeena Begum wife of Riyaz Ahmad residence of Krusun Lolab area of Kupwara, who died on Wednesday hours after she delivered a baby girl, has alleged medical negligence.

Deceased women

According to family doctors at SDH Kupwara allegedly ignored her condition post delivery as she had developed complications. Unable to manage her pain, doctors shifted her to Srinagar and while on the way she passed away, the family added.

Soon after the news of her death spread in the area, people in large number rushed towards the hospital and attacked hospital property with stones, said locals.

Meanwhile, officials at SDH Kupwara refused the allegations saying that the patient was treated in a good way with the result she delivered a baby.

“The patient after developing complications was referred to Srinagar for advanced treatment,” the officials said while denying the family’s allegations.


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