SRINAGAR: In a distressing incident, a 25-year-old woman was discovered hanging in her rented accommodation in Quilmuqam village in North Kashmir’s Bandipora district on Saturday morning. Her grieving family has pointed fingers at her husband, alleging foul play.

An official informed the news agency KNO that the deceased, identified as Ishrat Begum, the wife of Ajaz Ahmad Shegojri from Quilmuqam village, was found hanging in her rented accommodation.

Upon receiving the distressing information, the police promptly arrived at the scene and transported the deceased to the hospital for a postmortem examination. After completing the necessary medical and legal procedures, the body was released to her family for the final rites.

The official confirmed that an investigation into the matter has been initiated.

Meanwhile, the family of the deceased woman has accused her husband of murder. They claim that Ishrat Begum, who had been married for only a few months, was subjected to isolation from her relatives, endured daily harassment, and tragically lost her life.

“We were shocked to learn this morning that she is no more,” they added.

According to the deceased’s family, the couple had previously argued about financial matters, leading them to suspect that monetary issues might have driven her husband to take such a drastic step.

The family has appealed to the authorities to conduct a comprehensive investigation and uncover the truth regarding this tragic incident. (KNO)


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