SRINAGAR: In a heart-rending accident, a woman and her newborn were among three people killed in a vehicle that lost control and fell into a gorge in Raji Dhanas in Udhampur district on Saturday, Tribune reported.

The details of the accident are tragic. The lady gave birth to a baby while being driven to the hospital. The same car met the accident in which she somehow survived along with her baby. In the hospital, she gave birth to another baby but both of them died.

According to the report the woman had one of her twins in the vehicle just before the accident. The vehicle was taking the woman, identified as Shano Devi, to a hospital in Chenani for delivery. While rushing her for delivery, the driver lost control of the vehicle, which skid of the read and fell into a gorge some 10 km away from Chenani.

“The injured were immediately rushed to the Chenani hospital where the woman gave birth to her second child. She succumbed to her injuries. The baby she had at the hospital also died.  The injured passengers are being treated in the hospital,” the source told the newspaper.

She had her second baby in the hospital where she was taken in critical condition. That baby died at the hospital within minutes of being born, a policeman was quoted saying in the report.

Four people, including her other newborn, were wounded, a policeman said. The baby is critical, the policeman said.

The third fatality was identified as Krishna. Shano Devi and Krishna were both from Pattangarh village.


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