Won’t get Disheartened; Future Strategy in Coordination with Geelani: Shah

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HCJK senior leader Shabir Shah after meeting Pakistan High Commissioner addressing media at his headquarter in uptown Srinagar.
HCJK senior leader Shabir Shah after meeting Pakistan High Commissioner addressing media at his headquarter in uptown Srinagar.

Urging upon India’s Prime Narendra Modi to record his name in the annals of history by resolving long-pending Kashmir issue in an amicable manner, Hurriyat Conference Jammu and Kashmir Chairman Shabir Ahmed Shah Wednesday said that India can never progress and lead the world without solving this issue.

Addressing a news conference at his Sanat Nagar office in the outskirts of Srinagar city, Shabir Ahmed Shah said that Kashmir has proven a biggest obstacle in the path of India’s progress and this country will never progress in future as well if this issue is not resolved. “If Narendra Modi succeeds in resolving Kashmir issue then no doubt his name will be written in golden letters in the annals of history,” Shah said.

He said that if Modi has really kept himself available for his Nation and if his claims are true that he wants to make India a super power then it becomes necessary for him to take measures in the resolution of Kashmir issue.

Accusing Indian leadership of misleading her own people, Shah said that it is not Pakistan which is making things difficult but it is India which is pursuing provocative policies and always does something which endangers the peace process. “People of Kashmir should not get discouraged and disheartened. We will make it one day and we will be free from the clutches of India one day. The same India which is suppressing us from last 67 years had been suppressed by British for more than 200 years,” Shah said adding that Kashmir is an international issue and world personalities like Barack Obama and Ban-Ki-Moon have accepted it as a dispute.

Shah said that Hindu zealots staged a protest as soon as he arrived in New Delhi to meet Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit. “The Indian media cornered me after meeting Pakistan High Commissioner. I made them aware about the plight of Kashmiri people and complained to them they have adopted a callous approach towards media and don’t bother to highlight the reality relating to Kashmir,” he said.

Shah reiterated that he informed India media that if Kashmir issue can’t be resolved through UN resolutions then they are ready to find the solution through result-oriented tri-lateral talks.

Shah criticized India for adopting childish approach as far as cancellation of talks is concerned. “The decision of Government of India to call off talks with Pakistan exposed the black face of its democracy. The Congress party which invited Hurriyat leaders for dialogue has no authority and right to question the meeting of separatist leaders with the Pakistan High Commissioner,” he said.

While replying to a question, Shabir Ahmed Shah said that HCJK being in coordination with Geelani led Hurriyat Conference will chalk out future strategy as the leaders of the both organization will meet soon.

Shah said that Modi will never succeed in achieving his Mission 44. “Modi is dreaming of getting 44 Assembly seats but I tell you he will never succeed. Those people have to answer to the common Kashmiri’s who support BJP which is out and out anti-Kashmiri party,” he said.


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