Won’t Go To Anyone’s Door Begging For Talks: Shabir Shah

KL Report


Democratic Freedom Party Chairman, Shabir Ahmad Shah said that the local mainstream politicians are trying to appease their bosses in Delhi by issuing statements. “We will not go begging for talks to anyone’s door. Before holding talks on Kashmir, a lot of ground work needs to be done and when talks will be held, Soz will have no role in that”, he said and added that there was no question of holding talks within the ambit of ‘Indian constitution’.

On Soz’s assertion that separatists should fight elections to prove their representative character, the DFP Chairman said, “It is no big deal holding rallies and elections under the shadow of commandos and concertina wires. Let them allow us our space and we will show our political relevance and representative character,” Shah said adding, “War and dialogue cannot not go together.”


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