No Dialogue Till India Demonstrates Seriousness: Geelani

KL Report


Reacting to state Congress President Saifuddin Soz’s statement wherein he had said the doors of Prime Minister are open for separatist leaders to hold talks, Hurriyat Conference (G) Chairman, Syed Ali Geelani rejected any possibility of dialogue ‘unless India demonstrates seriousness towards resolution of the Kashmir dispute’.

“Those advocating dialogue should know that at least 150 times there has been dialogue between different parties to the dispute but nothing has come out of that. Despite the drama of talks having gone on for decades, there has been no forward movement so far”, said Geelani.

The Hurriyat Conference (G) Chairman reiterated that India should fulfill the preconditions for a dialogue to exhibit seriousness towards resolution of the ‘dispute’.

“Unless and until they accept Kashmir as a dispute, agree to withdrawal of troops, revoke black laws and release all the prisoners, neither is there any possibility of dialogue nor can the talks succeed in achieving anything”, he said adding “They (India) should bring to book all police and CRPF personnel responsible for killing 125 youth during 2010 uprising, file FIRs and produce them before courts to indicate that they are ready to stop human rights violations. That alone can pave way for a meaningful dialogue”, the octogenarian leader said.

He accused India of double standards as far as its dealings with Kashmir are concerned. “On one hand they continue to rule through the barrel of gun and violate human rights while as on the other hand they talk of dialogue,” Geelasi said.

Rejecting elections as an option or alternative for aspirations of Kashmiri people, the Hurriyat(G) Chairman appealed people to stay away from electoral process.

“We have always appealed people not to wash away the sacrifices offered by them day in and day out by taking part in elections. India should not be given the opportunity to exploit elections on the international forums by showcasing them as people’s verdict. As far as problems faced by people are concerned, what problems have been solved since 2008? Government of India is trying to corrupt people here through scholarships, incentives and other such material means”, he said adding, “Six lakh lives have been sacrificed and sacrifices are going on. People should keep them in mind.”

Geelani said Kashmir is not a border dispute between India and Pakistan which could be solved by the rulers of the two countries. “Pakistan is a party to the dispute and has been supporting as well as sacrificing for our demand for right to self determination. We appeal them to support J&K people on the basis of UN resolution. Pakistani leaders must take notice of state terrorism and take a stand against it”

The Hurriyat (G) Chairman said there has been no attempt to contact him through any emissaries on Track II. “There has been no contact with us as our policy is crystal clear. In principle we are not against talks but despite dialogue on several times, there has been no forward movement,” he said.




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