World Kidney Day: Kashmir has ‘Only One Dialysis Centre’

Ubeer Naqushbandi



Kidney disease is a “silent killer as it is difficult to diagnose it in earlier stage”, medicos in Kashmir tell on occasion of ‘Kidney Day’.

“Diabetes, high BP, nephritis, ADPTD cysts which are heredity are the major causes of Kidney disease,” said Dr Saleem Najar, Head department of Nephrology at SKIMS.

According to Dr Najar, there are five stages in ‘Kidney disease’. “In first three stages, there are no major symptoms due to which the disease is left untreated. But as soon as it reaches fourth and fifth stage there are symptoms like thin hair growth, yellowish face complexion, white tongue, frost face, heart fail, decreased bone density, less blood formation, internal intestine bleeding, decreased muscular growth, swollen feet and low appetite are some of the symptoms,” he said.

He further said that this year’s SKIMS slogan of ‘Kidney Day’ was “Kidney Diseases and Children, Prevent it Early”.

“No doubt that aged persons are mostly vulnerable to this disease but children as young as five year old can get affected by this disease with mild diarrhoea. Parents should take care in this regard and ensure timely medication of their children,” he said.

Kidney treatment which is very expensive and the valley is having only one dialysis centre at SKIMS. “It can’t cater to huge patient rush.”

Dr Saleem said, “basically due to this reason, two NGOs, International Federation of Kidney Foundation and International Society of Nephrology in US found 10%cent of population suffering from chronic kidney ailment. The treatment being costly made these organisations to create massive awareness in this regard. This model is also now followed by us since 2006 as on every 10 March we launch massive awareness regarding kidney disease.”

The factors responsible for this disease are excessive protein intake, increased vitamin-D and calcium intake can result into stone in kidneys which ultimately can result into renal failure, he added.

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