Yasin Malik Appears Virtually In Court

SRINAGAR: Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Yasin Malik, who is undergoing a life sentence in Delhi’s Tihar prison in a funding case, appeared virtually in a special court in Jammu on Thursday in Rubaiya Sayeed abduction case.

“Today, accused Yasin Malik participated in the trial through videoconferencing…and did not oppose cross-examining the witness. I made a submission before the court as a CBI representative that production warrant should not be issued as he participated in the trial. Court accepted that and no production warrant was issued,” reports quoted Senior Public Prosecutor S K Bhat as having said.

The court asked the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to produce the rest of the witnesses on the next date of hearing on December 23.

Rubaiya did not appear for the hearing, as her exemption application had earlier been approved by the court.

Bhat said two witnesses were scheduled to record their statements in the court. While one of them, a retired doctor, was present in the court, the other was in Saudi Arabia and could not join the trial, he said.

Another witness’ exemption application was approved by the court as he was reported to be undergoing dialysis, he said.

The retired doctor’s statement was recorded in the court in the presence of Yasin Malik, he said.

During the last hearing on July 15, Rubaiya had identified five accused, including Malik. Rubaiya was abducted from near Lal Ded Hospital on December 8, 1989. She was freed five days later after the then VP Singh government, supported by the BJP, released five terrorists in exchange.


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