Yasin Malik Believes Only In The Politics Of I ME AND MYSELF: Anjuman e Sharia Shian

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While reacting to the statement of JKLF Chairman Yasin Malik, the spokesman Anjuman-e-Sharia Shian (ASS) has said that the statement was extremely ‘irresponsible and devoid’ of political maturity.

As per a statement the spokesman has said, “The JKLF Chairman could not opine his views during the seminar organised at Kashmir University to observe the 24th death anniversary of Imam Khomeini (RA) due to shortage of time. It was not only Malik, but senior intellectuals and ulemmas like Khurshid Ahmad Qanungo, Dr Yousuf Al-Ummar, Agha Syed Hassan Naqi, Mukhtar Ahmad Waza, and Prof Hameeda Nayeem, also could not speak on the occasion due to paucity of time.”

The ASS spokesman has said that it is highly unfortunate that on the pretext of not getting time to speak on the occasion Malik declared himself as the only well wisher of the present movement and painted others as against the ongoing resistance movement, by doing so “Malik has shown that he believes only in the politics of I ME AND MYSELF thus playing the politics of supremacy.”

Giving more details, the ASS has said that that the university administration had given a deadline to finish the seminar before 2 pm. The party however said that JKLF Chairman had a delayed arrival in the seminar- reason why it was difficult for the organisers to find time so that he could have delivered his address.

The spokesman has said that “Agha Syed Hassan Mooosvi and his family have had immense contribution towards religious and political struggle in Kashmir and it needed no certification from others to prove that.”

The Spokesman said if speaking or not speaking in a seminar is the criteria to measure ones commitment  to the ongoing struggle, the party can only express concern and regret over this narrow  and immature thinking.

The ASS said, “The leaders who claim to represent the political aspirations of the people, should base their statements on broader thinking and approach. By levelling baseless allegations on others, just to project themselves as superiors is highly regrettable such as approach  and thinking only  gives chance to the anti-movement elements to weaken the resistance movement.”



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