Yasin Malik Condemns Killing of  Civilian in kupwara



JKLF Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Sunday Condemning the killing of civilian Asif Iqbal, resident of  Thandipora kupwara who was killed in army firing.

In a Satement while condemning the killing of  youth said that “killings of one more Kashmri in cold blood and then issuing shameless statements to cover up this gruesome act has yet again exposed the fact that Indian army and forces have turned into worst kind of beasts who can kill anyone, anywhere at will.”

He said that “killing Kashmiri innocent has become an ordinary thing for forces because they fear no accountability or fear of facing justice as they are enjoying immunity provided by the so-called Assembly and Indian parliament.”

He said that “again pro-India rulers led by puppet chief minister justify these killings of Kashmiris by putting blame on oppressed but today we want to ask her and her masters in Delhi that what the crime of innocent Asif Iqbal was and why was he killed in cold blood,” adding  that “this Killing is exposing the lies of hypocritical pro-India politicians who for the lust of power have stooped to new low of shame and Callousness.”

He said that besides Indian government and their stooges in Kashmir; all pro-India politicians, political parties, assembly members and rulers are directly responsible for these killings because it is these people who from 1947 till date have been legalizing these killings and providing necessary legal cover to the killers.

While paying rich tributes to Asif, JKLF chairman expressed solidarity with his bereaved family and said that Kashmiri nation is standing at their back in this hour of grief and Sorrow.

Meanwhile JKLF chairman has expressed his heartfelt grief and Sorrow over the demise of mother of senior journo Zahir Ud din and grandmother of JKLF member Irfan Khan of Athwajan and at the demise of Ghulam Rasool of Maisuma and Maryam Begum w/o Ghulam Rasool Mir. JKLF chairman today visited the bereaved families and expressed condolences to them, spokesman said in a statement.


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