Yasin Malik congratulates people of south Kashmir for ‘election boycott’

KL Report


“The resilience, courage, passion and love for freedom shown by the people of south Kashmir today and overall boycott of Indian elections at Pulwama, Islambad, Shupian and Kulgam is heartening and people today deserve our congratulations for this. This boycott and comprehensive protest by the common people against these elections despite coercion, temptations, oppression and Manipulation of facts and figures is commendable and should serve as an eye opener for India and its Kashmiris puppets,” this was stated by the  chairman of Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Mohammad Yasin Malik in a statement Thursday.

Malik who along with other JKLF leaders is in police custody from last many days said that the way people of south Kashmir overall have responded positively on JKLF and other resistance camp‘s ‘poll boycott’ call has once again proved the fact that over whelming majority of people here want freedom and an early resolution of Jammu Kashmir dispute.

“This has once again proved the fact that despite every tactics, manipulations, coercion, oppression and temptations etc; people of Kashmir take these elections against the interests of Jammu Kashmir and freedom movement nourished by the scared blood of our martyrs,” he said.

Malik said that Indian elections in Kashmir are always a bundle of contradictions and institutionalized manipulation.

“Rulers use every tactic to show that majority of people are voting and to achieve this goal coercion and Manipulation of data, facts and figures is the order of the day. Even today coercion by army and forces has been reported at many places. On 14th April 2014 authorities reported that more than 12 lakh voters were not registered. This was done just to make sure that these voters who are mainly youth and will never vote in Indian elections, if registered will strengthen the boycott percentage and hence increase the embarrassment of Indian authorities,” he said.



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