Yasin Malik Gets Pakistan’s ‘Human Rights Award’



12316618_10153618460620189_958685599110625160_nJKLF chief Muhammad Yasin Malik was presented “Human Rights Award” as a tribute for being a “champion of freedom movement of Kashmir and Human Rights”.

The award was presented at an event in Islamabad hosted by Pakistan International Human Rights Organization on eve of International Human Rights Day for Global Peace.

The award presented by ex-chief justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Chowdhary was received by Malik’s daughter, Raziya Sultana—present on the occasion with her mother, Mushaal Hussein Mullick—on her father’s behalf.

Malik married Pakistani artist Mushaal Mullick in 2009. In 2012, the couple became the parents of a girl child, Raziyah Sultana.

12370778_10153618460785189_5685149673040492191_o“The durable regional peace is impossible until the Indian occupational forces would cease committing human rights violations in the Indian held Kashmir,” justice (retd.) Chowdhary said on the occasion.

Malik is a prominent separatist leader of Kashmir advocating freedom of Kashmir from India as well as from Pakistan. He serves as the chairman of JKLF. Since 1995, Malik—while renouncing gun struggle—has been calling for strictly peaceful methods to come to a settlement on the Kashmir conflict.

The award coincided with the day when Malik was sitting on 30-hr long hunger strike at his bastion Maisuma against human rights violations in Kashmir.


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