Yasin Malik refutes news circulated by media about meeting PDP leaders in Srinagar


Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Muhammad Yasin Malik on Thursday strongly refuted the news being circulated by a section of “Indian media” about his meeting with some PDP leaders and termed it as desperate attempt to gain some sought of credibility among Kashmiri masses and create doubts in the hearts and minds of Kashmiri people.

As per an official statement, the  JKLF chairman has said, “PDP and its partner BJP have unleashed a “reign of terror” against Kashmiri people from last four years. PDP led rule not only killed our hundreds of young men from last four years but have injured and blinded thousands. Arrested thousands of young and old, looted households, vandalized hundreds of residential houses and in fact beaten all previous records of tyranny.”

“Now as election year in India is fast approaching, PDP in a bid to wash its crimes is desperately trying to play “peace talks drama”. As I have been on the forefront in exposing tactics of PDP and its allies and have many times refused to meet Indian envoys, Delhi with its local stooges and biased media has started a malicious campaign against me,” the spokesman quoted Malik as saying.

“This campaign of spreading the fake news about meeting credible people is, in fact, a desperate attempt by PDP to gain some sought of credibility among people of Kashmir,” he added.

The spokesman said that on May 30, 2018, JKLF chairman along with some of his friends went to a local restaurant in Srinagar, for Iftaari where PDP leader Wahid Parra was already present with his people including two Srinagar based journalists. Parra, whom we consider only an “asset to Indian establishment.”  He said that after seeing him I choose not to answer his greetings, but the issue was twisted first by a blog and a facebook account but when the eyewitnesses refuted this claim, facebook account apologized for the mistake. Now from last two days first a newswire on facebook called “The Print” and today a local news channel “Gulistan TV” has started running this fake and concocted news.

JKLF chairman said that he has decided to file a defamation case against both “The Print led by Shekar Gupta and Gulistan TV” for running this malicious fake news.


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