Year 2017 may prove difficult for resistance leadership in Kashmir: Dr Qasim

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Dr Qasim Faktoo

The incarcerated chairperson of Muslim Deeni Mahaz, Dr Muhammad Qasim has said that the year 2017 can prove very difficult for Pakistan and “pro-freedom” leadership in Kashmir.

In a statement, Dr Qasim said, “The new US President Donald Trump will exert tremendous pressure on Pakistan for two objectives:  Improve ties with India and for this wipe out anti-India Mujahideen organisations from Pakistan and therefore it is quite possible that during this year all the mujahideen organisations in Pakistan will be banned as Nawaz Shareef, Imran Khan and Bilawal Bhuto are eagerly ready for it.”

He said, “Once Pakistan does this, dialogue with India will resume by May or June. In this dialogue though Kashmir will be discussed but as always it will be a lip service with nothing being actually done to solve the vexed Kashmir Issue.”

The incarcerated Qasim said that if Pakistan shows any   laziness in implementing American orders of eliminating “Jihadi” organisations, it is quite possible that in late 2018 or early 2019 India will do large scale surgical strikes inside Pakistan for which India will have full support from USA.

Qasim, according to the statement said that “pro-freedom” leadership in Jammu Kashmir will be pressurised from all corners to participate in the assembly elections and play a role for resolution of Kashmir Issue in the assembly.

“The situation right now is strongly pointing to the fact that a third front will be formed and those pro-freedom elements who will oppose and call for boycott of electoral politics will be brutally dealt with. This emerging situation demands that the sincere pro-freedom leadership will have to work out ways to make the movement self-sufficient and indigenous. This would be better for both Kashmir and Pakistan.


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