Yoga Day: Mehbooba Mufti Alleges JK Employees Being Forced to Take Part, Govt Denies


SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir PDP president Mehbooba Mufti slammed the administration on Thursday for allegedly pushing employees, including pregnant women, to report for the International Yoga Day event at strange hours, claiming that what should be a joyous occasion has turned into a source of fear.

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However, the government refuted the claims, claiming that all participants consented to attend the event and that no employee was forced to participate against their choice.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lead the main International Yoga Day (IYD) celebrations this year at an event at SKICC here on Friday.

“An occasion for celebration has become one that fills people with dread. A day before International Yoga Day, all govt employees along with school children have been ordered to show up at different venues at ungodly hours.

“Even pregnant employees have not been spared. A pregnant employee was threatened to choose between her job or being present at the event,” Mufti said in a post on X.

She was reacting to a post by one Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat, who said on X, “In connection with International Yoga Day celebrations Female Govt Employees were asked to reach SP College Srinagar at 4 am yesterday. They left their homes at 3 am & were asked to change their dress in College & then go to SKICC. Not a Fair practice”.

Bhat said it was a very odd time and should not be repeated.

“Instead Male staff members could have been called,” he added.

Rebutting the charge, JK Director Colleges termed the charge as “misinformation”.

“The Director Colleges JK has rebutted this misinformation stating that all participants in the Yoga Day celebrations have volunteered to take part in the event and no employee was compelled to join the event against their will,” a statement from the administration said.

The Director Colleges asserted that employees were not required to change their clothing.

“They were provided with long tunics to wear over their existing attire, ensuring their comfort and convenience. The Director also stated that the employees’ well-being was prioritized. Pregnant employees and those with medical conditions were not asked to participate in the Yoga Day celebrations,” the statement said.

The Director Colleges urged everyone to verify facts before spreading “false narratives” that can cause unnecessary concern and confusion.


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