Yogi Seeks Political Reservation For Kashmiri Pandits

JAMMU: President Jammu and Kashmir National Conference  Minority Cell M K Yogi on Friday made a passionate appeal to the Delimitation Commission to reserve two assembly seats for Kashmiri Pandits, as political empowerment is imperative for the displaced seven lakh community, who had to leave their homes and hearths in most unfortunate circumstances.

National Conference Minority Cell

“Reservation of two seats will end the decades old discrimination with Kashmiri Pandits,” Yogi said in a statement after exhaustive interaction with the senior functionaries of the Cell, adding that Centre should also plead the case with the Commission to secure justice for the community.

Yogi said that the displaced community is undergoing a traumatic phase of their forced exile across the country in general and Jammu in particular. They are living miserably without basics of the life, as they feel helpless with nobody taking cognizance of their pathetic plight, he added.

Yogi also said that all their miseries will be addressed only if they are empowered with political representation, as has been rightly proposed for other segments of the society. He said political representation would end all  their miseries and agonies as their elected representatives can discharge their role for the community more efficiently, effectively and vigorously .

Yogi expressed the hope that the Delimitation Commission would take a realistic and compassionate view and recommend political reservation for the Kashmiri Pandits. This will pave the way for political and economic empowerment of the community, which will eventually lead to their safe and honourable return to their homes back in the Valley.


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