“You Blackmail the Officials, telling them that you are coming to Power”


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The state Government on Tuesday said that it is withdrawing the cases registered against the stone throwers and the amnesty to youth will be announced very soon.

Senior NC Minister Ali Muhammad Sagar, while speaking on the floor accused PDP of blackmailing government officials after its victory in the Lok Sabha elections.

“You are such blackmailers. You blackmailed the officials, telling them that you are coming (to power after assembly elections). Shall I name the officers you called?” Sagar claimed.

As the minister was making the revelations, uproar in the House was witnessed but the minister continued with his speech without revealing the names of the government officers.

Sagar also claimed that the stone throwers arrested in South Kashmir belong to PDP and the party is instigating violence in the area. Sagar was seconded by Nasir Aslam who said that police records be checked as it is proven that PDP aided that stone throwers.

Sagar highlighted the civilian killings allegedly at the hands of armed forces in Kashmir during the tenure of PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed as the Union Home Minister. “You should tell people who are you? Pro Pakistan, Pro- India, Pro- Kashmir, Task Force? People want to know who you really are?” Sagar asked PDP.

Sagar also accused PDP’s Nizam-Ud-Din Bhat of leveling false charges against the chief minister Omar Abdullah in the past.

“He accused CM of taking 500 crores, when we registered case against him, he came with his hands folded- saying he was distracted and misguided.”

Sagar also accused PDP of Killing Mirwaiz Moulana Farooq. “Before his assassination, Mirwaiz had thrice asked Mufti Sahib to provide him security but he didn’t and then he was assassinated followed by the killing of 80 people during his funeral procession.” (KNS)


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