Yowling Wounded Valley

by Mohammad Anas

Women mourners at Dawood's funeral.
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My words anguished;

I grieve,

and bleed.

The innocent screams

beneath the earth buried


A tragedy—

making humanity shiver—

has transformed

the charming valley

into blood river


They enjoyed the butchering,

one by one,

and spoke only

with blood thirsty barrel


The human screams

haunt my brain,

And pellets

increase my misery

with inevitable pain


Their hands,

soaked in scarlet,

Innocent glittering smiles,

compelled to bled


Every day is hustled—

like battling in a battlefield,

The harsh reality

to the bloodshed of tears,

now revealed.


Paradise on Earth…

…is bleeding since decades,

With every bullet in heart

her opulent beauty



Oh, Kashmir bleeds!

And, I bleed, too.

The bloody scene is haunting me,

what to do?


When will the nightmare of wounded valley finally end?

Will tranquillity,

and harmony someday blend?


Living is not worth

in this hostile air,

How many times a day

we have to bow down for prayer?


Struggling, screeching, shouting…

screaming for peace!

Burning, blistering, beseeching…

begging for hopeless lease!



still a ray of hope twinkles

down in my heart,

All the immense suffering,

Sorrow and sadness,

will soon depart…


Mohammad Anas is pursuing Masters in English Literature from Aligarh Muslim University. Views expressed in this poem are author’s own.


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