Zahid: O Mother, The Last Lullaby, You Sang to Me!

By Huma Bhat

Zahid Rasool Bhat
Zahid Rasool Bhat

I’m not Skin of this World,

Not Either Skin of your World,

The Colour of Rose is Red, with the Martyr’s Bloodshed,

Wrapped in the Shroud of Roses

My Ears Listen to the Sound of Noises

“Nara-e-Taqbeer Allah-u-Akbar

Hum Kya Chahte Azadi!”

My Soul Mourns Out,

I’m a Shaheed “Lai laha Ilalla Muhammad-un-Rasool lul lah”

I’m Martyr – Zahid

I’m Name of Every Martyr

I Live in All Beating Hearts

Will you Cease Beats of Those Hearts?

I Wail for Freedom,

I Wail for My Desires,

I Wail to fly in free skies.

When the news of Zahid Rasool Bhat's death reached home... (In picture his mother being consoled)
When the news of Zahid Rasool Bhat’s death reached home… (In picture his mother being consoled)

O mother Don’t Cry,

Don’t Cry for I’m Alive!

O Father be Strong,

Be Strong for your Strength is Alive!

O Sister don’t Call out My Name

Don’t Call out my Name for I have Gone Nowhere!

The Last Lullaby, Mother! You Sang to Me,

For I’m in a Calm Slumber

With a Huge Flock of Martyrs

Waving at You my Last Goodbye!

Pursuing Tourism Studies, passionate about Photography and Writing, Huma Bhat is in love with Nature and all beautiful creations of Allah SWT!


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