Zahid’s Killing: Some ‘Sociopath’ Elements Promoting Virus of Fanaticism, says Doctors’ Body



Zahid Rasool Bhat
Zahid Rasool Bhat

A doctors’ body representing physicians of Kashmir valley Monday said that Zahid Rasool Bhat was a victim of ‘Zealtory’.

“The brutal killing of Zahid by zealots is indescribable madness and a crime of the utmost savagery,” said Doctors Association Kashmir’s president in a statement this afternoon.

Zahid Rasool Bhat battled for life over a week in Safdarjung hospital in New Delhi. Along with two others, Zahid was attacked by a Hindu communal mob in Shivpur, Udhampur in the intervening night of 09/10 early this time. He breathed his last on Sunday forenoon.

“It is indeed a human tragedy and the horrible incident has shaken the conscience of whole society,” he said. “Zealotry is a disease and a big threat to humanity.”

The DAK statement said, “it is sickening to see zealots in our society committing atrocities in the name of religion and for these madmen, no life is precious.”

The DAK president further said, “it is ironical that some elements claiming to be sociopaths are promoting the virus of fanaticism in our society.”

He said, “these elements in order to achieve their objectives are creating zealots and nurture fanaticism and in the process innocent persons like Zahid become victims of their wicked conspiracy.” “They entangle people in war of religious hatred and try to divide people on religious lines.”

The DAK said that this conspiracy of vitiating atmosphere and involving people in cycle of violence is disturbing and worrying.

“State of Jammu and Kashmir is a model of religious harmony where people of different religious beliefs are living in love and affection. There is no place for fanaticism in a civilized society as it is against the very idea of human spirit,” the statement further added. “The menace of fanaticism is deep rooted in our society and needs holistic approach to weed it out.”


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