Zahid’s Father Castigates PDP for Targeting Engineer Rashid



ER Rashid waiving his blackened clothes in a presser in Srinagar. (KL file Image by special arrangement)
Er Rashid waiving his blackened clothes in a presser in Srinagar Thursday afternoon. (KL Image by special arrangement)

In a scathing attack on People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for blaming Independent Legislator Engineer Rashid for the death of Zahid Rasool Bhat of Botengo Islamabad, father of slain youth Thursday said “Rashid unlike PDP did not appease RSS and its coterie but did what a Muslim is supposed to do for his brethren”.

“Tell political secretary to PDP president, Peerzada Mansoor to stop his sermons. People have already rejected him and he is a defeated candidate and has no right to blame Engineer Rashid. Rashid did a lot for us and we are very grateful to him,” Ghulam Rasool told CNS. “It is unfair and unjust to blame Engineer Rashid for the death of my son.”

He said, “those communal goons in Udhampur killed my son not because of beef row but because he was a Kashmiri. Engineer Rashid did not do anything wrong by organizing beef party in MLA Hostel. Beef consumption is allowed in Islam while the defeated PDP candidate Peerzada Mansoor is trying to shield the failure of his government and has misled the people by levelling unjust and unwarranted allegations against Engineer Rashid.”

The father of slain youth also accused Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed for being insensitive towards the pain of the people. “What can I tell you? Mufti visited Delhi to meet RSS leadership and his visit to Safdarjung Hospital was only a formality. We tried several times in New Delhi to meet him but he did not oblige,” he claimed.


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