Zakir Moosa says India will not be permitted to take advantage of ‘our differences’


Zakir Musa, the erstwhile commander of Hizb ul Mujiahdeen has said that India’s security agencies will not be permitted to take advantage of “our differences”. In the fresh YouTube message that appeared a few hours back, suggested that he has neither changed his beliefs nor has any of his colleagues.

Musa, an engineer drop-out hinted that Hizb will have a new Ameer.

“I am thankful to all those people who pointed fingers at me without understanding my message,” Zakir said in his 7-minute plus audio message. “I believe Allah would have been kind in forgiving me for many of my sins in its return.”

“We will not permit Indian agencies from exploiting the differences we have,” Zakir said. “We will be keeping our differences aside and fight India.”

Zakir said the militants who are in field share what I believe in: Shahadat for Shariat.

“I advise all my friends (militants) to stay united and avoid becoming Nazm Parast (discipline followers) and Quoum Parast (nationalists),” Zakir said. “I want to tell some of my friends who are unhappy over my leaving Hizb that I am always with them; I will fight alongside with them, because we believe in the same slogan.” Perhaps, he said, I was unworthy of being your leader so you are getting a new Amir soon.

“Within us (militants) there have been no differences and there will never be,” Zakir said. “Indian agencies will attempt seeking benefit from our differences but we will not give them that advantage. In case we kill a munafiq, we will tell the people. We have never sought money from anybody and will continue doing so., I anybody demands money in my name, drag him out and believe it that he must be an Indian agency man.”

Zakir insisted that he will be against all those forces seeking an accord with Tagouti (satanic) forces. “I will continue believing in the slogan that Kashmir Baneyag Dar-ul-Islam,” he said, insisting that priority is to fight India.

Interestingly, Zakir somehow managed referring to al-Qaeda. “I am thankful to al-Qaeda who in Afghanistan supported the Shahadat and Shariat slogan,” Zakir said. “They supported us and we will support them.”

Zakir repeatedly asserted that Indian agencies will try getting some benefit out of “our differences but “we will deny them that space”.

Interestingly, he made mention of the “organisations” that extended support to him saying he has heard their name for the first time. “If you are in Pakistan I do not require support that you will extend from your cosy rooms,” Zakjir said. “If you are Indian agencies, then you should know you will never make fool of us.”

The other mention he made was from Aiena, a booklet that gives details about Afzal Guru. Zakir said he has written that Jehad become so-called Jehad when UN is like a Dajaal.


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