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After dominating the social networking websites for last more than 20 hours, Burhan Wani’s successor Zakir Moosa has finally dissociated himself from Hizb ul Muajihdeen. He made his announcement in a 6.25 minute video clip that was uploaded on the YouTube almost an hour back.

“If Hizb ul Mujahideen does not represent me, I also do not represent Hizb,” Zakir said in his urdu speech that runs in the background of a video laced with Jehadi pictures and quotes. “From now on I am not associated with any organization.”

Before his speech concludes, he reiterates his dissociation. “From today, I am not associated with any party,” Zakir said. “Let us see, who is with me and who is not.”

“My talk about hanging people had nothing to do with Hurriyat as I had talked about those moderates who support a secular state,” Zakir said. “If we get freedom for secularism, we will have to start another battle against them so telling this thing was very important.” He said this thing was to be told even though some people think it was too early.

“Geelani Sahab is saying Aazdi for Islam and I do not have differences with him,” Zakir said. “We want imposition of Shariat.”

Some people say that with the statement, Hurriyat may be attacked. “How can we be blamed for that? We are not going to kill anybody. If we will have to, we will tell the people first. We will declare it publicly,” Zakir said. “How can Indian agencies take advantage of this?”

Zakir’s statement came in response to massive rage over his statement – that was also uploaded on YouTube on Friday, that he stands for an Islamic state and that his group could hang the antagonists who are coming in his way. He had reacted sharply to the statement by Hurriyat leaders.

The video had created massive reaction from Hizb ul Mujahideen suggesting that India was trying to create an ISIS like force in Kashmir to defame militancy. It said attacks on Hurriyat are unacceptable. In a later statement issued on Saturday, Hizb said Zakir’s statement was his personal opinion that has nothing to do with Hizb.

Many hours later, Zakir reappeared on YouTube with his fresh video that had pictures of Yemini scholar Anwar al-Awlaki on it. Awlaki was killed in a massive drone strike in 2011.

Admitting the response to his Thursday video, Zakir said that he wanted to be truthful. “I stand by what I said and I do not care if anybody is with me or not as long as Allah is with me,” Zakir said. “I cannot spill my blood for a secular state, I stand for Azaadi for Islam which is my aim,” He repeated it many times throughout the audio message.

Reacting sharply to the allegation linking his thought process with ISIS, and al-Qaeda, Zakir said he cannot say if these forces are wrong because I have not studied them. “I cannot trust the people who sit in their cozy rooms and pass verdicts while eating Rasgullas,” Zakir said.

“If they are accusing me of ISIS, al-Qaeda or Indian agent, then I am an agent,” Zakir said with the voice of laughing.

“My intentions were not wrong, they took it wrongly,” Zakir said. “We cannot spill our blood for a secular state.” He said he had talked about hanging the people who want secular state.

Zakir was an engineering student in Punjab which he left and joined militancy in 2015. A resident of Tral belt, he succeeded Burhan Wani in July 2016.


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