ZEPO In Poonch Allegedly Calls A Bearded Muslim Teacher “Biggest Militant”

SRINAGAR: The Zonal Education Planning Officer (ZEPO) in the Surankote area of Pir Panjal’s Poonch district has allegedly called a Muslim teacher donning a beard as the “biggest militant” along with allegedly desecrating a mosque near the school on her visit.

Kamlesh Kumari ZEPO Surankote

Reacting to the allegations, the Sub-District Magistrate Surankote has now asked for an explanation from the ZEPO

In the viral video on social media, the ZEPO Kamlesh Kumari is allegedly seen calling the teacher Ashiq Hussain, as the “biggest militant”.

A local imam, Farooq Ahmad Misbahi while addressing the media after the incident alleged that besides calling Farooq a militant, Kumari had desecrated the Madrassa and two mosques in the vicinity of the school by barging inside wearing shoes.

“If wearing a beard makes you a militant, then even the PM (Narendra Modi) won’t escape,” Misbahi said.

Meanwhile, the SDM Surankote has now asked the ZEPO to explain her position within two days “as to why disciplinary action may not be recommended against you to the competent authority.”


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