Zubin Mehta signifies Zionist hegemony: KUSU

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The banned body of Kashmir university students union (KUSU) Tuesday categorically opposes and condemns the “anti-Islam music concert of Zubin Mehta” to be held on September 7.

In a statement, KUSU spokesman said that the event is “a testimony to the war” that India has declared on the faith of Muslims of Kashmir to further its military occupation.

“The collaboration between Hindu India and Germany in getting an honorary Israeli citizen to do a concert in occupied Kashmir speaks volumes about the alliances being made against Kashmiris to choke the quest for freedom,” spokesman said. “The event is also meant to display the hubris of Indian state. The hubris which all occupiers possessed and which, eventually led to their downfall.”

Although the concert, the spokesman added, is also meant to paint a rosy picture of Kashmir before the world, “but it hardly matters what the world, particularly the western world thinks about Kashmir. Their hearts have never beaten for Muslims and never will.”

The statement came a day after the senior separatist leader, Syed Ali Geelani exhort students of colleges and university to stage peaceful protests after Friday prayers against the concert.

“Holding anti-Islamic events such as the musical concert by Israel’s favourite honorary citizen, Zubin Mehta, is part of the cultural onslaught facing occupied Muslim lands world over,” KUSU statement read. “A response on similar lines will not bring any good. Zubin Mehta signifies zionist hegemony as is evident from Israeli cultural ambassador coming to Kashmir.”

Events such as these, the spokesman said, are meant to display the authority and power of the Indian state and an open declaration of war against faith of Muslims of Kashmir, “The Non-Muslim world relishes occupying Muslim lands and turning them into havens of immorality and corruption.”

“Zubin Mehta has already performed many a times in Jewish occupied territory of middle-east known as Israel,” the spokesman said. “He is only showcasing his forte of strengthening occupation of Muslim lands by performing in occupied Kashmir this time around.”

Germany’s active support for the concert is also not surprising, the spokesman said: “Its U-turn on Kashmir is nothing new and is characteristic of the hypocrisy of western nations who have been at the forefront of oppression against Muslims worldwide. It was only a matter of time before their anti-Islam and anti-Muslim feelings came to fore. It should serve as an apt reminder for anyone hopeful of ousting India with western help. Knocking hostile doors in the hope of finding solace is nothing but suicide and a waste of resources.”

The spokesman said that Zubin Mehta’s musical concert should also serve as a reminder to the entire Kashmiri nation about the war that has been declared long ago on their faith and “which is being systematically escalated to completely wipe out any traces of Muslim identity among them.”


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