The tearful eyes…


by Javeed Ahmad Rather


“Splinters and ashes,

Shrieks and smoke

Noise of wails,

Frightful mourning

Scary gun powder,

Bloody stones,


Homes afire

Trenches with skeletons,

Ramparts, and repentant time,

Scattered scriptures,

Wet soil and

Thetearful eyes of Freedom”

This is where the scars have healed.

This is where new injuries can happen.

At an impossible hour

When death arrived

The July vacation

Taking us by surprise.

All the separated were united by woe.

You have given us million reasons to stay united.

With you we have constructed a history.

Though your death leave us with cloudy sky,

But today’s dawn was nothing like any other morning,

We were discussing ‘heroism’.

Heroism made us mindful

 Of disappearance and fake encounters,

Of checkpoints and closed roads…

We are not at peace,

The sand settled for thousands years,

Is agitated

With hooves of pacing stead.

History of thousand years is flowing within me.

The moment

We all had waited for

Has arrived

But we are hapless as ever…

Nothing is left

No season

No dream

But the desire;

Desire of freedom

Though we are held-up in a dark abyss

With no ray of light

Oozing in from anywhere,

Yet the desire rose,

Full of passion,

Like leaves in this plague of seasons.

All eyes





Shorn of moisture

Grown unaccustomed

Of the taste; of red weeping blood

But the desire of freedom is yet to wither all of them across borders.

 It just begun.

We decipher the message of freedom

Every now and then

It descends upon us like rainfall,

In an uncanny silence!

Blood turned into fossil fuel,

All the wells of fear are on fire.

All ills will end

Images of starving children

Homeless women

Young people being tortured

The injustice of the oppressor

Will disappear,

Fragments will come together

In a slow motion

And night will become day.

I see him on the bier,

In his red torn clothes and resurrected.

I believe that heaven must encompass

This boy properly shod and crowned.

Martyrs rule the world

Burhan will lead from tomb.

Through you,

Freedom and the sea

Will call in answer

To the shrouded heart…

Yes Heaven is thine; but this

Is a world of sweets and sours;

Our flowers are merely-flowers,

And the shadow of thy perfect bliss

Is the sunshine of ours.

  (Javeed Ahmad Rather studied English Literature at CUK)





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