After Denied Permission In Delhi, Malik To Go On Hunger Strike In Kashmir

KL Report


After being denied permission to sit on hunger strike in Jantar Mantar Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik Monday said that he would observe 72 hours hunger strike at Budshah Chowk here from May 24.

He said that though India is calling itself the follower of Gandhian principles, ‘I couldn’t see any follower but only killers.’ “I’ll observe hunger strike on May 24, 25 and 26. India is claiming itself a follower of Ghandi and his principles but I could not find it there. What I find there are only killers,” Malik said while addressing a press conference here.

The JKLF chide alleged that the India was pushing people of Kashmiri to fight for their rights like Taliban. “Government is compelling people of Kashmir to act like Taliban to fight for their rights,” he claimed and said since 2008 separatist leadership is being attacked during their visits outside the Valley.

Speaking about his foiled hunger strike in Delhi, he said, “I had got permission from the concerned authorities there. It was national media who propagated my hunger strike in different way. Police asked me to observe hunger strike at some different location rather than at Jantar Mantar. I asked them to provide me options as they are locals having knowledge about the surroundings. But they didn’t respond.”

Malik said that he was forcefully deported from Delhi. “Police suddenly attacked my driver at Molchand Friends Colony and dragged me out from a car when we were waiting green traffic signal on a road,” he said and added that he was lodged in a police station.

Malik said that he was accompanied by around 200 families to observe 48 hunger strike at Jantar Mantar, Delhi.


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