1632 cases of domestic violence, 1517 cases of drug addiction, registered in last three years: Govt

Aakash Hassan


In the last three years 1632 cases of domestic and social violence have been registered in Jammu and Kashmir and subsequently 2818 people have been arrested related to these cases.

Responding to a question raised by nominated PDP legislator Anjum Fazili, CM Mehbooba Mufti in a written reply said, “In the year 2016 the number of case registered is 422 and 583 persons have been arrested in this regard.”

But in the former years, there has been a surge in such cases, as 2014 witnessed 639 cases registered and 1108 persons arrested.

The number of cases stated in the year 2015 has been marked as 571 and 1127 persons arrested with relate to these cases.

There are six women police stations, exclusively at the District Headquarters of Jammu, Rajouri, Udhampur, Srinagar, Islamabad, and Baramulla, the documents claim, to deal with cases related to domestic and social violence.

Meanwhile, the documents also stated that during the last three years, 1904 accused of drug addiction and related incidents have been arrested and 1517 cases stand registered.


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