2617 Pilgrims Selected Through Draw For Hajj-2013, Hajj Website Launched

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As many as 2617 out of 17189 intending Hajj pilgrims were selected through draw of lots for Hajj-2013 at a function held at Hajj House Bemina here today. It was informed that no travel agency is registered with State Hajj Committee for the year 2013.-hajj

The Minister for Public Enterprises, Floriculture, Hajj and Auqaf, Peerzada Mohammad Sayeed inaugurated the official website of State Hajj Committee www.jkshc.com on the occasion and observed that throughout the selection process, for all the districts of the state, website will be up to date.

As per a statement the Minister while addressing the function has said that the State Hajj Committee received 21692 applications this year from the intending Haj pilgrims for which Central Hajj Committee allotted a quota of 7120 seats for J&K State, out of which 1991 persons having attained 70 years of age while 2512 candidates who had applied four times to perform Hajj but were not selected have also been included in the reserved quota.

Keeping in view, the demand for more seats, the Minister has said that the State government has already approached Central government for increase of quota for the State and is expected that more seats shall be allotted for accommodating left out intending Hajj pilgrims of the State.

While advising the intending Hajj pilgrims not to seek any assistance from private tour and travel operators for obtaining Hajj seat, the Minister has clarified that the government is the only agency to send the people of the state for performing Hajj and there is no other agency operating for the purpose. Moreover, he has said that any private partner who intends to provide such services shall have to follow the norms and procedures laid down by Supreme Court of India and Central Hajj Committee. He has said, accordingly, such agencies will be registered by the government and shall be allowed to undertake the responsibility strictly as per the directions of the government so that the past fraudulent practice adopted by private tour operators shall be stopped henceforth.

Lauding State Hajj Committee for launching website, the Minister has hoped that people of the State need not make frequent visits to Hajj House but can avail all the necessary information and other guidelines regarding Hajj at their doorsteps.

Peerzada has said that government is putting in all out efforts to extend best possible facilities to the Hajj pilgrims, adding that there is always room for improvement and the suggestions of people in this regard are always appreciated.


  1. The allocation for Leh district is only 6 people which is very less the vast area of 45,000 sq kms and living on the latitude of 11500 feet less oxygen people after 60 years of age gets quick older compare to rest of the State population they need to be considered. After 70 years of age Ladakhi people gets lots of diseases and very difficult for them to do proper Haj. So we request for enhancement of allocation of Leh district.

  2. Where is the list??
    Please upload the list of the selected ones?
    Try to do the job which you promise?
    This is first thing you can do.
    Either write that we are NOT uploading tghe list.
    Dont make fool of the pepole. please

  3. Please try to get more seats allocation for J&K especially for Leh district 6 seats are very less must increase we have more than 60 applications. Also if you can provide list of the selected Hajjis would be kind enough

  4. If you have cover note number you can check the status of the applied candidates from the site of the Hajj Committee. But I am again and again requesting for increase in allocation of seats for Leh district which only 6 for the 30,000/- Muslims population.


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