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During the last four years, from January 2009 till January 2013, 2916 candidates were selected as constables in the J&K police under special recruitment drives.

During these four years, 16 special recruitment drives were held by the police department in the state in pursuance of the cabinet decision, no. 157/13/2009 dated December 04, 2009, in the districts which were under represented in the police department.

The information was revealed by the state government in the legislative council under a starred question asked by a lawmaker, Syed Asgar Ali.

As per the police department rules, the appointments made from the categories of SPO and VHG  shall not exceed 15 percent and 4 percent respectively of the total vacancies but they are given extra points for helping the department as SPOs and VHGs.

However, the state government has made it clear that there was no quota under ‘DG recruitment’.


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