5 Member DFP Team To Visit Jammu, Assess Political Scenario


KL Desk


The Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah will be leading a 5 member team from Srinagar to Jammu on January 9 to assess the political situation there.

According to a press handout, the party in a meeting on Saturday decided that a 5 member team of the DFP under the leadership of party chairman will be leading to Jammu where they will take review of the new political developments regarding Kashmir issue.

The members will hold consultations with the party workers in the districts of Poonch, Rajouri, Doda, Baderwah, Keshtewar, it added.

“It was also decided in the extraordinary meeting that any design aimed to sideline the people from the valley will not be allowed to succeed.  Shah will address various gatherings in the districts during his visit and will hold meetings at different places in Jammu”, the statement said.

DFP Chairman will also address a gathering of pro-freedom group and all those who want a peaceful solution of the Kashmir issue, it added.

The DFP spokesperson said that Shah has been maintaining that Kashmir is the nation of all those who have always stood for it and said that the aspiration of all the three regions Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh should be given due respect.

During his visit,  Shah will also held meeting with the representatives of the Dogra, Pandits and Ladakhi’s in Jammu region, he added.



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